Overcoming Stress in times of Coronavirus

While we going through this pandemic, it is understandable to stress somewhat.  Coronavirus has changed the “normal” life as we know it and now, we are gearing towards a new normal, (whatever that may be) with standards that are restricting the way we run our business.

Here are a few points to help Tradies cope with the coronavirus crisis:

​Don't give up - Hang on to Your Business

Now is not the time to give up and stop operating your business. More than ever, people will be looking for tradies for the backlog of home projects. These projects may not be as big as what you had been working before the crisis. But being there and letting your customers know that you are available during these times will boost your reputation as someone dependable. You never know where it will lead. Not only is it raising awareness, but it keeps you occupied too.

After the COVID-19 crisis, people will remember you and your business as the one who endured.

​Be The Authority In Your Field

Since the outbreak, people started DIY improvements in their homes. Remodelling the kitchen, bathroom or just painting the spare bedroom, all are looking for How-To's on Youtube.

This is the chance to be the authority or the expert in your field. You can start sharing information on how to do basic improvements, and there you will also have the chance to showcase your past projects. 

Being the Authority or the person they look to, gives you a chance to build your online reputation and gain followers. This can be a start of another income flow, helping your business at the same time. Check out the latest influencers in your field, they all had to start somewhere.

Showcase your compliance with COVID-19 HSE requirements

While promoting your business, you can also show your compliance with the Dept of Health regulations.

People now are wary of what to touch, where to buy, who to speak with. If you can show that you are complying with social distancing, regular cleaning of equipment, checkouts, counters, had sanitising and so on, people will feel safe in the knowledge that you are undertaking all that you can do to keep them safe.

It may be a bit of an effort, showing them through photos on your social media or website, or the certificate when undertaking hygiene courses can be a point of difference between you and your competition.

Crunch Time

So, if it comes to where you have your back against the wall, there are people and places that can help you.

Do not hesitate to get help or assistance, you are not the only one in the queue. It is a challenging time for all businesses alike. Be sure to contact your bank, real estate and anyone else to request to hold or reduce your payments. Banks, usually, will give you 6 months to suspend payments. Your landlord will also understand if you will explain your situation.

You can also take advantage of the Australian Government’s JobKeeper Payment. Self-employed individuals (businesses without employees) are eligible to receive the JobKeeper Payment where they meet the relevant turnover test. https://treasury.gov.au/coronavirus/jobkeeper


Is there something else that you may be able to flip around and add to your work skill? Did you see those breweries where they stopped making Gin and instead, started making hand sanitiser. Apparently, the alcohol content is comparable.

Moving Forward:

This is also the perfect time to get started on your marketing plan (Do you have one?) or gear up to increase your client base.

Tradies Websites can help you with keeping your business and building your processes in this time of crisis. Coronavirus may have caused turmoil in our industry but let us take this as a challenge. It is a global crisis that we are in and let us take this time to learn and adapt to changes.

** If you need to speak with someone, contact BeyondBlue or Lifeline.


Below is the summary of points listed above to overcome stress in times of Coronavirus:

  1. Don't Give Up - Hang On To Your Business
  2. ​Be The Authority In Your Field
  3. ​Showcase Your Compliance
  4. Crunch Time
  5. PIVOT

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​Tradies Websites can help you with keeping your business and building your processes in this time of crisis.

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