Tradies Myths, Busted

We sometimes hear from people who want to start a work-from-home handyman business but are not sure of where to start or in fact if they have the necessary experience since a lot of handymen just have the 'knack' for fixing things.

In this article we’re going to address 3 Myths that keep many tradies away from the opportunity of starting a home handyman business.

​​#1: You Have To Be 'Jack of All Trades'

Some people think that to begin a handyman business, they have to be ‘Jack of All Trades’: with experience in all areas such as carpenter, bricklayer, electrician, painter, gardener, plumber etc.

Myth Busted:

This is just false! No one can do everything. There are things you can't fix. Every handyman gets requests that he just cannot do. It happens. And it is Okay.  

Actually, having knuckle-down expertise in a specific field is an advantage, and it will help you niche down. But if the task calls for a experienced Tradie, then a customer will go with a licensed plumber for instance. Everything they do is all about plumbing services. Some handymen out there just do basic services. Tasks like changing out lights, fixing furniture, paint, and hanging pictures.

If you are not sure you qualify, then list all your skills and see what you come up with. For example you may not be a landscape gardener, but you can fix retic. A job many people hate doing. The more you do, the more experience you get, the more qualified you are!

​#2: Small Projects Aren't Money-Making

That's true they may not make a huge amount but think of it as advertising in which you get paid - not having to pay to advertise yourself. Every time you do one good job, your customer is bound to share your details and refer to others. So don't forget to get testimonials too.

​#3: Charging by Project is the ONLY Mode of Getting Paid

Any tradie that you meet that has been doing this for over 5 years will say that charging by project is the best way to go. They'll also say that when they began charging hourly, they lost out.

Firstly it depends on your customer's budget. It needs to work for them and for you. Charging by the project and you have to allow for unknowns. everything could work really well and you make a few dollars but then again, if something unexpected happens. you might be up for that cost too. Be fair when quoting your prices.

If you are not sure, then calculate in your head 'how many hours x $ = $xx'.

If you are new and unsure, then look for quote samples online to see how much others in your industry have been charging their clients.

As a tradesman, you won't know everything. Try to focus on your expertise and be the best at what you do. Write down your business goals and include the pros and cons of the projects you would like to accept. Narrow it down and make that your priority.

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​Here are the Tradies Myths we have busted today: 

  1. ​​You have to be ‘Jack of All Trades’
  2. Small projects aren’t money-making
  3. ​​Charging by project is the ONLY mode of getting paid

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