How Website Maintenance Can Save You Money


The world is changing so abruptly than we are unable to cope sometimes. The business and technology world has gone into a silent agreement that if they work together, they will achieve more. People around the world have met the Internet and are continuously being amazed as to how it had brought continents closer with just a click. (Facebook being the most populated country in the world)

The Business world has found a new dwelling in the web. Successful companies, big or small, are starting to invest in putting up a website. Websites nowadays have become the easiest go-to for promotions, marketing, introduction of your business to public, upselling products, job-seeking, employee-hunting, and the list is endless.

But just like a brand-new car, websites need maintenance. Imagine if you didn't service your car for a year? Think you might have issues? Same goes for a website.

Below are the top reasons why you need a Website Maintenance Package:

1. It Keeps Your Website Running Smoothly

Website maintenance is essential to keep websites running. Like in any platform, we will always find some glitch. The Internet is full of codes and can easily be outdated in a short period of time. Without proper coding and software maintenance, your website slowly develops cavities which may lead to bigger problems when not resolved immediately.

2. All Systems Need Updating

Outdated systems are also vulnerable to security issues. The Internet of things is changing the world for the better (arguably) and unfortunately, there are some people who found their own success as ‘Hackers’. They can infiltrate your website and exploit it for their own sake. These hackers can do many things even if your site doesn't keep confidential information like credit card details, or high profile names.

3. Maintenance Is Your First Line of Protection

This is where your website maintenance subscription comes in action. It will help prevent and diagnose any problem while it is still manageable. Think of it as a nurse in the hospital being exposed to various kinds of illnesses from people she deals with every day. She takes vitamins and keeps her immunisation up to date for protection.

Your website is an easy target of incurable diseases when not maintained. This may lead to higher costs just to cure the existing problem. When this happens, your website may need to go offline for a while - affecting your marketing strategy, your sales and your business.

4. Your Website Needs a Constant Facelift

Website Maintenance does not end with codes, software and security protection. The appearance of your website is very important. The look of images, information and how they are visually created within the pages of your site is significant. You only have 5 seconds to impress a site visitor, any longer and they have gone elsewhere.


The following are the Top Reasons Why You Should Invest on Website Maintenance:

  1. It keeps your website running smoothly.
  2. All systems need updating.
  3. Maintenance is your first line of protection.
  4. Your website needs a constant facelift.


It has been proven that websites are vulnerable as the Internet is still young and developing. Website maintenance is an investment that most website owners choose to ignore. It is recommended and should become a necessity once a business decides to have a website. It will certainly give your target market security while on your site. The first thing you can do is get added protection of a SSL certificate.

Have any further questions on how to keep your website safe and secure? Contact Teck-nology Design & Marketing and we can audit your site, make suggestions to improve your security and safety and give you and your site visitors peace of mind.

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